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Documenting Grime & Funding Your Dreams with Risky Roadz

Season 2, Ep. 62

Today we sit down with Grime legend and visual pioneer Risky Roadz and discuss everything from picking up his camera for the first time to learning how to edit while publishing DVDs, to directing music videos with Skepta, Theophilus London, Giggs and more. We discuss how far his work has come, what impact it has had, Drake being a fan and why having a 'dream funder' is so important in your creative journey.



Risky Roadz YouTube

Risky Roadz: Meridian Crew

Best of Risky Roadz

Theophilus London - Bebey (feat Giggs)

ASAP & Skepta - Shine

1.00 - What was it like being at the inception of the grime scene

1.40 - working at rhythm division record shop

2.00 - getting into making DVDs for the Grime Scene

3.00 - Learning how to edit videos

4.00 - Recording the whole grime scene within a year

6.00 - Staying neutral in between clashing grime crews

7.00 - Not knowing the gravitas of his work. Just doing the work for the love of it

9.00 - Drake following him on instagram showed him that his work travelled further then he thought

09.30 - linking up with Drake in Miami, Drake being a fan of his work

10.00 - Hearing from Russia and Kazakstan that his work is legendary

10.30 - Skepta performing at Moma. New York and London culture being similar

12.00 - Shooting Skepta video with ASAP Rocky

12.30 - Yo MTV Raps, doing the advert 

13.30 - Working driving a black cab whilst shooting videos. Why having a ‘dream funder’ is the way to work with freedom

16.10 - Becoming a London black cab driver, it being the hardest but most rewarding thing he has done

20.00 - Investing in his own creative projects

21.00 - Working whilst being creative

23.00 - Thoughts on the scene right now, similarities between Grime & Drill

28.30 - Advice to the new generation

30.50 - How the sound of Grime have evolved

32.00 - Social media changing the way we perceive music

34.00 - The difference between record shops and streaming music

36.00 - Who Risky really wanted to see be successful

38.00 - Grime being a scene that has been documented from the beginning, unlike others

40.00 - Why the Drill scene should start to own its narrative. There is room for a Risky Roadz in Drill

45.00 - Documenting the Adenugas (Skepta, JME and Julie) going from a household to household names

49.00 - Risky Roadz 0121 documentary

51.00 - Bringing back the VHS look and inspiring others to do the same

56.30 - Reaching out to famed video director Dave Myers and receiving an instant call back

57.00 - Being a consultant

1.00 - Being different and pushing visuals forward

1.02 - Always being ready, shooting videos at a moments notice and shooting in an hour

1.04 - Giving his younger self advice

1.05 - Missing pirate radio

1.06 - Living a free life


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