2 P's In A Pod

A fresh unscripted outlook from 2 of the Northern Territory's locals.

They'll bring Darwin too life like never before, talk about anything local by the locals and If you live in Darwin, you're invited!The 2 Pete's In A Pod got something to say! Join the lads Pete & Pete as they chat about ... More

2 P's In A Pod Christmas Ep 25: Thank You 2018

The final 2018 episode and it's PURE FIRE!

2 P's In A Pod Christmas Ep 24: BONUS Edition

It's a Christmas bonus 2 P's Edition

2 P's In A Pod Ep 23: Season Finale

We wrap an amazing year for us, but not so amazing for the NT

2 P's In A Pod Ep 22: The NT Strikes Back

Can things be turning around for the NT? Networking groups still work?

2 P's In A Pod Ep 21: The Greatest Scam Off All Time

Things are looking up in Darwin! From weight-loss scams to slogans scams, it's all happening

2 P's In A Pod Ep 20: The US Defence Means A Lot Us

Why Bill Savarino and Bradly Torgan Will Assist The NT To 'LEVEL UP'

2 P's In A Pod Ep 19: We Understand Women? NOT!....

Why Are Our Wives Moody? Is It Us? Is It Just Them....