Later 2013, Hello 2014

Wed Jan 29 2014 (39:46)

Not only do we reference Gepetto's workshop but you also get to hear both of us do our best electric saw impressions. Are you pressing play yet?

On the show we're sipping Pirate's Champagne (recipe below), talking about the best of 2013 and looking ahead to 2014. We also compare notes on beating the post-Christmas blues; Kelsey has the Crackling Fireplaceon her TV and it's keeping her cozy (but not very warm).

In neighborhood news there's lots of sawing going you guys have suggestions of what we should do about a noisy neighbor?

Speaking of current obsessions, Kelsey's obsessed with a recipe for Christmas Quiche (below) and Erica's in love with her Kindle Paperwhite (thanks, Santa!).