Take It Away: The Complete Paul McCartney Archive Podcast

The Complete Paul McCartney Archive Podcast

Welcome to Take It Away: The Complete Paul McCartney Archive Podcast. Ryan Brady and Chris Mercer walk through every single Paul McCartney solo release from 1970 to present day. If you’re interested in The Beatles, Wings... More

Bonus Episode – The Bruce McMouse Show ft. Paul Kay

On January 21, 2019, Paul Kay of the Yesterday and Today Podcast and The Third Men Podcast and Ryan Brady drove to the ArcLight Theater in Hollywood to watch The Bruce McMouse Show on the big screen. Please join Paul and Ryan for a fun and impromptu podcast on the way to and from the theater. We think you may have a fun time with this one. It's the most to say the least! 

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Episode 31 – Live at Northwestern University

Season 4, Ep. 31

On February 28, 2019, Northwestern University Professor Jacob Smith hosted and led Ryan and Chris in discussion on campus in the Annie May Swift Hall Auditorium in Evanston, IL. Professor Smith is the founder and director of the Master of Arts in Sound Arts and Industries program at the University. In this episode, hear Ryan, Chris, and Jacob talk about the origin of Take It Away, what it takes to produce and market a podcast of your own, and much more. You will get an inside scoop on the nuts and bolts of becoming your own podcast entrepreneur. Stick around until the end to hear Ryan and Chris comment on a few of their favorite clips from the show as well as a fascinating Q&A from the audience. Special thanks to Jacob Smith, Elizabeth Mathis, Katherine Lelek, Brad West, and Northwestern University for having us. It was an honor.

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