Episode 10 - Starscream Wants Lettuce!

Tue May 16 2017 (55:34)

Doug & Eric share the story of their first beer, and both hope they're too old to be grounded for it. Public service has never been a strong suit here, but the More You Know the less likely it is that Fisher Stevens will make off with knowledge of your undisclosed rollerblading fetish. Take advantage of the US sans FBI Director and copy every VHS tape you can find! (Especially the Deathstalker series) P:C debates the ethics of downloading copyrighted games and TV. The Nintendo Switch revisited, new entries to the Psych and Blade runner canon, Robotech nostalgia & more on Project: CHALLENGED Episode 10.

Lead-In: "Ming the Messenger" by Silent Signals Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/silent-signals

The Challenged are Chugging: Upslope Brewing Company's Citra Pale Ale - 5.8% ABV, 37 IBU: Eric 4/5 Crazy Mountain Brewing Company's Snowcat Coffee Stout - Doug 3/5 Note: Edwards is Crazy Mountain's second brewery near the Vail/Beaver Creek area

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