Pocketnow Weekly 281: Will Samsung have the balls to make a graphene battery?

Mon Dec 04 2017 (01:28:48)

Graphene has been around since the 50's. Researchers are still trying to find the ultimate formula to get this power-prone material into batteries. Has Samsung found the way to do that? We talk about it.

Plus, iPhone X sales are looking pretty decent, but does Apple's master plan for the holiday quarter still stand? And our first taste of 5G will be coming from Verizon, but only if you're in Sacramento and a couple of other places. All the mobile tech news fit to podcast on this episode of the Pocketnow Weekly!

Watch the video recorded from 3:00pm Eastern on December 1st, or check out the high-quality audio version right here. You can shoot your listener emails to podcast@pocketnow.com for a shot at getting your question read aloud on the air the following week!

Pocketnow Weekly 281


Recording Date

December 1, 2017


Juan Carlos Bagnell

Jules Wang




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