Pocketnow Weekly 264: iPhone and Android cameras don’t care for Vic Gundotra

Sun Aug 06 2017 (01:08:43)

In a generous overture to Apple, a former Android engineer/Google+ chief has said that Android's open-sourced nature is keeping photo-taking and photo-sharing capabilities behind iOS by... say... a few years. Really? Are we going back that far? We dig into all aspects and try to strike a more balanced, but realistic view of the situation with the help of Android Police's managing editor, David Ruddock.

That and the week's top stories, including the big BLU elephant in Amazon's room, so make sure you're charged and ready for the Pocketnow Weekly!

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Pocketnow Weekly 264


Recording Date

August 3, 2017


Juan Carlos Bagnell

Jules Wang


David Ruddock (Android Police)


News Summary


All the news that’s fit to podcast:

Open and Closed Source Cameras


Former Google executive Vic Gundotra thinks that the Android camera experience is years behind iOS's, necessarily because of its open-source nature. We investigate the pros and cons of what's essentially an open-source versus closed-source battle.

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