Pocketnow Weekly 246 Bonus Episode

Sun Apr 02 2017 (16:09)

As promised, we're giving you an extra knockout treatment this week with a bonus download of this week's #PNWeekly. These are scatterings of the team's night after the Galaxy Unpacked event in New York with scenes ranging from the 42nd Street-Times Square station to... 42nd Street-Times Square. And then Times Square. And then to our Airbnb at 8th and 50th, where we had sudden breaks between segments of our podcast - you'll know why.

Definitely get a blast of what Ricky Villacrez of GSMArena thinks about the iPhone 5c, what Jaime Rivera thinks of traffic in Guatemala and why Juan Carlos Bagnell is just so mean at Starbucks. Also, Jules Wang eats a cannolo somewhere.

No fancy editing, not even bleeps to splice the clips. It all happened in a blur, so we'd figure that this get presented as a blur. Enjoy!