Pocketnow Weekly 244: LG G6 pricing, Galaxy S8 1000fps camera, and TK Bay drops by the lab!

Sat Mar 18 2017 (01:13:15)

Jules is on vacation AND we're still working on our new podcast format, so we enlisted Mr. TK Bay to fill in as our co-host this week. Let's talk about LG pricing and bezels. Samsung's fast camera and intelligent assistant, and let's look at Android Wear 2.0 watches at opposite ends of the pricing spectrum.

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Pocketnow Weekly 244 Recording Date

March 17, 2017


Juan Bagnell

TK Bay


LG G6 USA Pricing Revealed, and How About Those Bezels?


The LG G6 has changed Adam's mind on smaller bezels, and delivers a striking first impression. Will LG have a better solution on a 2:1 aspect ratio screen than Samsung's curvy sides? Also, let's chat pricing! The G6 sounds a LOT more reasonable in the USA than the European pricing might have indicated.



Huawei watch 2 Reactions with TK, and Android Wear 2.0 on the OR HuWatch.

Will Tag Heuer elevate Android Wear, or will Wear dilute Tag Heuer?

Apple's market share slipping in China.

Samsung Galaxy S8 to have a 1000FPS camera, and do we really care about Bixby?

Dear Google, we don't need another messenger app. Love, Pocketnow.

See you next week!