Pocketnow Weekly 234: CES 2017 wrap up on the road from Las Vegas

Sun Jan 08 2017 (01:21:28)

The CES show floor is closed for business. While I love Vegas, I also enjoy heading back home after a long week of covering tech. Jaime decided to hitch a ride back with me this year, and we thought it would be a great opportunity to capture our post show conversations, and turn them into this podcast you’re about to hear, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the inane ramblings of two exhausted tech editorialists.

Pocketnow Weekly 234

Recording Date

January 07, 2017


Juan Bagnell

Jules Wang

Jaime Rivera


Putting Las Vegas in the Rear View Mirror

We saw a lot of cool tech on the CES show floor this year, though pickings for mobile were a bit slim. Jaime and Juan share some of their favorite hits and misses from the show while driving back to LA!


See you at next week!