Pocketnow Weekly 208: Nexus Smartwatches, Brexit Price Increases, and Apple manufacturing shakedowns?

Sat Jul 09 2016 (01:40:37)

Is Google working on a Nexus smartwatch? Brexit is already causing tech prices to climb in the UK! Can Apple maintain high profit margins in an increasingly competitive industry? These stories, plus we'll be tackling your questions and comments, and get ready to vote for your favorite Pocketnow photog! Make sure you're charged and ready for episode 208 of the Pocketnow Weekly!

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Pocketnow Weekly 208


Recording Date

July 7, 2016


Juan Bagnell


Jules Wang

The Rundown


5:23 HTC Nexuses could be going for one look 

18:47 Google's supposedly doing its own thing again — this time with smartwatches

32:52 Verizon shoots off "fireworks" but it's not blowing minds

51:29 "Misleading"? Huawei messed up its marketing!

59:05 Apple said to be milking parts manufacturers for their worth

1:04:00 Fairly new OnePlus X and BlackBerry Classic good as gone

1:10:34 OnePlus screech! A Brexit price bump and a big update brouhaha


Listener Mail


Listener questions this week from Christian, CoolHarsh, and Michael.