Pocketnow Weekly 197: HTC 10 round up, Galaxy Note 6 rumors, and longer phone upgrades?

Fri Apr 22 2016 (01:57:25)

The HTC 10 makes us wonder if any phone can really be perfect. Galaxy Note 6 rumors are building steam. What might we see on Samsung's next phablet? With the flagship phone market maturing, we'll take a look at why people are waiting longer to upgrade their phones?

We've been hard at work covering news stories and producing the next generation of phone reviews. We recently started a new series of videos delving deeper into camera performance and phone comparisons, and of course we'll be tackling your questions and comments. Make sure you're charged and ready! It's time for episode 197 of the Pocketnow Weekly!

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Pocketnow Weekly 197


Recording Date

April 14, 2016



Juan Bagnell

Stephen Schenck


Jules Wang



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The Rundown



6:39 HTC 10 round-up and comparisons

20:59 Glass and metal and glass and metal

25:41 Galaxy Note 6 rumors

39:22 Qualcomm phone processor sales plummet

51:23 Blackberry wrecks their security reputation

55:35 Might Samsung deliver a super large camera sensor?

1:06:15 Why are people waiting longer to upgrade their phones?




We talk with Konstantinos Karatsevidis, co-founder and CEO of Eve, a Finnish tech start-up. The company's soon to launch a crowdfunding campaign for a crowd-designed Windows 10 convertible tablet. You can learn more about that at eve.community and find out about a giveaway in partnership with leather skinmaker Mozo happening through April 25r at eve-tech.com.


Listener Mail


Listener questions this week from Nick, Carlos, and Unicorn Workhorse.