Pocketnow Weekly 189: S7 versus G5 at MWC 2016

Sun Feb 28 2016 (01:20:07)

This was a big show. Rolling 360° video bots roamed the crowded grounds of Barcelona. Windows had a blitz of new products and they all didn't come from Microsoft. Alcatel loses its (One)Touch while Sony puts the Xperia Z line to snooze. Oh yeah, there are those two big phones we're talking about in the headline. You read it, didn't you? Or have you been hiding under a rock from the rumor surge leading up to the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the LG G5.

Well, whatever the case, prepare to learn a lot more than you've already found in hands-on videos and develop a sense of cynicism second only to our humble group of curmudgeons. We explain away both major flagships and then decide out of whimsy which one we would carry: it's S7 versus G5 between a tired Honduran, an exasperated Romanian and an American blowhard. We celebrate that blowhard's last regular appearance on our podcast as Michael Fisher guest hosts episode 189 of the Pocketnow Weekly, (recorded) live at MWC 2016!

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Pocketnow Weekly 189


Recording Date

February 25, 2016


Michael Fisher

Anton D. Nagy

Jaime Rivera


Jules Wang

Podcast Rundown


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MWC: The Wrap


5:07, Galaxy S7: hands-on / S7 edge / water-resistant / vs. iPhone 6s

21:01, LG G5: hands-on / and its Friends / vs. V10 / app drawer?

43:37, What will it be for us? S7 versus G5

45:43, Sony Xperia X: bye bye Z / X Performance / vs. Z5 Premium

49:03, Alcatel Idol 4(S): hands-on / NoneTouch

54:39, "We have to move on to Windows": Huawei Matebook / HP Elite x3

1:02:50, Ooobuntooo: Meizu Pro 5 debuts

1:07:21, Ends: OPPO Smartsensor / SuperVOOC / HTC #powerof10Desires / One X9

See you next week!