Pocketnow Weekly 187: Tim Cook takes his ball and goes home

Sun Feb 14 2016 (01:34:24)

Alcatel Onetouch might be shipping the new Idol smartphone in Virtual Reality packaging, iPhone error 53 is frustrating users who have had their home buttons repaired, and Tim Cook takes his ball and runs home after people tweet mean things about his Super Bowl photo. Another week of mobile technology news has passed, and we’re going to talk about all of it, on episode 187 of the Pocketnow Weekly!

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February 11, 2016



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Portable power management is ugly. If you need to push your phone beyond what its internal battery can support, chances are you have an external battery made out of plastic which sits like a lump in your pocket or purse. This is a fine solution from a tech standpoint, but it isn’t the most stylish.

De Rigueur has launched a Kickstarter campaign to change that with a leather sleeve which charges your phone wirelessly. The Connected sleeve is handcrafted in France, out of a high quality leather, and features a 4500 mAh battery and contacts for Qi wireless charging. Simply slide your phone into the sleeve and it will automatically start topping off your phone’s battery. It’s a smart, stylish case to protect your phone, especially if you carry it around in a purse or backpack. And fret not if your phone doesn’t have Qi charging built in, as The Connected Sleeve includes an adapter to keep you juiced.

Visit De Rigueur's Kickstarter page and help this vision of style and function come to pass: Learn more here.

The Mains

8:20, LG introduces Quick Cover for LG G5

12:19, Galaxy S7 edge battery tips scales

16:51, Another AOT leak reveals cool VR packaging

22:40, HTC One M10 expected Stateside in May with One Watch a little earlier

26:30, 24 hours with the ASUS ZenFone Zoom

38:19, Apple's Error 53 pours gasoline on the iPhone/anti-iPhone flame war

43:07, Don't brick your iPhone by sending it back to the 70s

44:18, Tim Cook tweets hilariously shoddy Super Bowl pic

49:33, Qualcomm ushers in next generation of wearables with 2100 SoC

53:07, Twitter becomes Facebook (but there's a way out)

57:38, iOS-to-Windows 10 app port video has us impressed

1:02:27, Microsoft Fetch: that's my dog!

1:03:45, Why UHD video looks better than Full HD video (even on a 1080p screen)



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