Pocketnow Weekly 186: Android Mirrors, fancy Fitbits and a VAIO Windows phone

Sun Feb 07 2016 (01:39:34)

Fitbit gets a fancy new band, manufacturers old and new are picking up the Windows Mobile mantle and a phone that'll probably never see the light of day changes up its OS. It must be another week in mobile technology, and that must mean it's time for another episode of our little pow-wow. Join us as we get ready to get techy on episode 186 of the Pocketnow Weekly!

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Pocketnow Weekly 186 Recording Date

February 4, 2016



Michael Fisher

Stephen Schenck

Juan Bagnell



Jules Wang


Podcast Rundown


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Device News

4:59, AOT leak shows us what to expect from the Idol 4 / accidental product pages too

9:59, Let's talk about leaked Galaxy S7 renders because I guess we have to

19:18, Fitbit thinks people want premium fitness bands

28:13, The Turing Phone is seeing how many LoLs it can pack in before its inevitable disappearance

33:33, Lumia 650 inches closer to launch

38:04, W5.5 Pro is a water-resistant Windows Phone

40:04, VAIO sticks its nose in the Windows Mobile Biz



53:09, Microsoft buys Swiftkey for some reason

56:42, Google may be about to seriously step up involvement in Nexus design process

1:05:52, Google pulls the plug on Samsung's ad blocker

1:08:31, YouTube may soon support 360-degree video for VR viewing

1:09:36, Put Android on your bathroom mirror 'cause why the hell not?

1:13:33, University makes fitness bands mandatory

1:15:49, Juan Bagnell: a smartphone's worst enemy


Listener Mail


E-mailed submissions from Jose, Unicorn Workhorse and Travis


The State of the Podcast with Michael Fisher


Look at that intense dude. He looks like he's streaming directly from the heart of Podcast City, doesn't he? That's the face of a man who's been sitting behind this microphone for the past three-and-a-half years, and he's got an announcement for you. So you best listen up, fam.

See you next week!