Pocketnow Weekly 164: Five techies walk into IFA 2015...

Mon Sep 07 2015 (01:41:14)

It might as well have been a bar. Or a dance club. Full of EDM, feathers and psychotic playhouses. Really, when you walk into the Messe Berlin around this time of year, you should expect and receive everything. Buzzed-about wearables from Huawei and Samsung made their ways to the fray. Sony wore its Xperia lineage with its sixth coat of paint. ZTE splashed more of its truer colors onto the newest Axon smartphone. And then the trunk of the show irreparably branches into something else.

We'll enjoy the climb as we head inside Mobilegeeks.de's tech.lounge at IFA 2015 and join hosts Sascha Pallenberg and Nicole Scott, along with 9to5's Dom Eposito, Android Authority's Joshua Vergara and, of course, our very own Michael Fisher.

It's episode 164 of the Pocketnow Weekly podcast! The video from 12:00pm Eastern on September 7 (click here for your local time) is available for you to watch in its entirety as well as every one of Mobilegeeks's tech.lounge livestreams on its Twitch page. Our thanks to Mobilegeeks for hosting us as well as letting us use the stream for our audio podcast this week. We did not have time to go through listener mail this week, but continue to send it our way at podcast [AT] pocketnow [DOT] com for a shot at getting your question read aloud on the air! Also, be sure to check out Pocketnow's total coverage as well as every single one of Mobilegeeks's tech.lounge livestreams from IFA 2015. Enjoy!

Pocketnow Weekly 164 Recording Date

September 7, 2015



Sascha Pallenberg (Mobilegeeks) [Deutsch seite]

Nicole Scott (Mobilegeeks) [English site]

Michael Fisher

Dom Esposito (Macmixing)

Joshua Vergara (Android Authority)



Jules Wang