Pocketnow Weekly 138: Mobile Geeks get amped on the HTC Vive

Mon Mar 09 2015 (01:19:07)

Mobile World Congress 2015: an iterative flagship smartphone and a reimagined one. A handheld intelligent object and a new midranger from a very old brand. And enough wearable releases to completely cover your forearms in technology.

But mainly ... we just talk about the Vive.

That’s right: against all odds, a room full of former virtual reality skeptics is rendered screamy-excited by a demo of HTC’s new VR headset – and one longtime MWC veteran even goes on the record to say that the HTC Vive is the most exciting product he’s ever seen at the show. 

We’ll talk about that, plus the Galaxy S6, HTC One M9 and a few other major points from MWC 2015, in episode 138 of the Pocketnow Weekly: the once-a-week podcast from Pocketnow bringing you all the things worth talking about from the world of smartphones, tablets, wearables - all that stuff you wished you had when you were a kid. 

(This episode of the podcast is actually a rebroadcast of the Mobile Geeks livestream from the Intel booth at MWC, moderated by Mobile Geeks’ Nicole Scott and featuring Sascha Pallenberg, Myriam Joire, Joshua Vergara, Jaime Rivera, and Michael Fisher – put on the air by the good people at Mobile Geeks and mixed down into a potent Pocketnow podcast package by our preeminent producer Jules Wong. To watch the original livestream head on over to mobile geeks.com or mobile geeks.de.)

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With that folks, we leave you to episode 138 of the Weekly. And not to worry; we’ll be back to the usual format next week. Enjoy the show!