Pocketnow Weekly 137: All HTC, All the Time

Mon Mar 02 2015

On today's episode of the Pocketnow Weekly podcast, Michael Fisher is joined by Android Authority's Joshua Vergara and MobileGeeks's Nicole Scott to talk all things HTC: from the Grip to the Vive to the all-new HTC One M9, we cover the highs and the lows of the High Tech Computer corporation from an echo-filled hotel room somewhere in Barcelona!

(Because we're slogging through MWC 2015 and uploading this at a decidedly uncivilized hour, we're making this a skeleton post. Apologies for the lack of time codes and source links; we'll go back to the normal system upon our return home! Until then, follow us for all the haps from MWC at http://pocketnow.com!)