Pocketnow Weekly 134: HTC M9, Windows 10, & Galaxy S6 leak-fest

Sat Feb 07 2015 (01:40:43)

Everybody wants the new hotness, but no one wants to wait for it. That's evident from the deluge of leaks surrounding the world's most-talked-about mobile devices, and we're going to stick our straws in for a quick sip –just to whet our whistles– on today's podcast.

Looking for more than just product talk? As a famous retailer used to say, "Yeah, we've got that." The FCC puts forth its hardest-hitting proposal ever for enforcing net neutrality, Microsoft kills Windows RT, I take a walk on the magenta side with T-Mobile ... and RadioShack goes to meet its maker in the great tech Sto-vo-kor in the sky.

All of the above, plus a new edition of Tough Spot and your usual bounty of listener mail lies ahead; join us, won't you? Pocketnow Weekly 134 is waiting for your participation. Shoot your questions to podcast [AT] pocketnow [DOT] com for a shot at getting your question read aloud on the air. See you then! 


Pocketnow Weekly 134


Recording Date

February 6, 2015



Michael Fisher

Stephen Schenck

Dom Esposito



Jules Wang


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Stop the presses



FCC head will propose "strongest open internet protections ever"



Did the Galaxy S6 leak in this accessory render?

Latest Galaxy S6 leak schematic shows a thinner body (mostly)

HTC One M9 spy shots reveal golden model

HTC One M9 pictured with Dot View case

Windows 10 Phone screenshots leaked


Everything else

Microsoft acquires Sunrise calendar for at least $100M

Microsoft kills Windows RT

Apple Watch details revealed by iOS companion app beta

Apple retail stores getting geared up for Watch Edition

Swatch planning smartwatch that won't need to be charged

My switch to T-Mobile part 1: the Uncarrier honeymoon

Pour a little out for RadioShack


Tough Spot


A segment about hard choices and tough decisions, made in imaginary-land on the heels of a hypothetical. ‎Today's Tough Spot comes to us from reader Greg Vogt:

If you had to purchase a phone and use it for the length of a 2 year contract and your only choices were a cheaply made smartphone running your preferred OS, or ideal hardware for you (screen size, battery life, camera, build quality/materials) but running on your least favorite OS, which one would you choose? Also what would your favorite OS and least favorite OS be?


Listener Mail


E-mailed submissions from William Li, Frank, and Vijay V.



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