Pocketnow Weekly 123: Nokia N1, Samsung Gear S, Gorilla Glass 4 and more!

Sat Nov 22 2014 (01:24:26)

Is Nokia's new tablet just an iPad ripoff – or just what Android needs? Will Gorilla Glass 4 finally stop you from shattering your smartphone? And is the Gear S a good enough smartwatch to make the dumbphone obsolete? These are the pressing questions on the docket this week as the mobile industry prepares to end a wild year on a weird note, and we're gonna tackle them one by one in the ruthlessly silly style you've become accustomed to over the past two years!

Sound like just the thing to wrap up your week? Then, as always, Pocketnow has the podcast you've been looking for. Join us for Pocketnow Weekly 123 below –either through the live video stream at 2:00pm Eastern on November 21 (click here for your local time), or the high-quality audio version available later on– and shoot your questions to podcast [AT] pocketnow [DOT] com for a shot at getting your question read aloud on the air. See you then!

Pocketnow Weekly 123


Recording Date

November 21, 2014



Michael Fisher

Stephen Schenck

Jaime Rivera



Jules Wang


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Nokia N1 tablet announced

Jolla launches crowdfunding campaign to fund Sailfish OS tablet

Wrist phone: a week with the Samsung Gear S smartwatch

YotaPhone 2 set for official launch next month

Leaked images show a new five-inch Windows Phone in the works



Corning launches Gorilla Glass 4 with enhanced drop protection

HTC Sense Lollipop builds leaked

When "free" isn't free: Apple tweaks App Store listings with "get" button



Dial F for Fail


A segment from our top news wrangler about injustice, misdeeds, and general foolishness within the mobile industry. Today's topic is all about ridiculous rigidity.

But I Want ALL The Options: When even Android flexibility comes up short


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E-mailed submissions from Greg Vogt, William Li and Grant Butler



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