Pocketnow Weekly 119: Android Lollipop imminent, new Nexuses nearing, no more Nokia

Sat Oct 25 2014 (02:05:34)

As one brand gets a supersized juice-up, another goes a little quicker to the retirement home – and the rest undulate in uncertain undertakings from the sensational to the soporific.

So it goes in mobile as in any other field, and we're here to cover it in the brief lull between reviews at Pocketnow's Boston offices! In between talk of the Lollipop-flavored new Nexii and the sandblasting of Nokia logos from Microsoft's new handhelds, we'll share initial thoughts on Apple Pay and iOS 8, talk about the Galaxy Note 4's "edgy" sibling, and dispense hand-picked smartphone buying advice to listeners just like you!

If that's the kind of talk that teeters your totter, then welcome: you're among friends – nerdy ones. Join us for Pocketnow Weekly 119 below –either through the live video stream at 11:00am Eastern on October 23 (click here for your local time), or the high-quality audio version – and shoot your questions to podcast [AT] pocketnow [DOT] com for a shot at getting your question read aloud on the air. See you then!

Pocketnow Weekly 119



Recording Date

October 23, 2014



Michael Fisher

Stephen Schenck

Nicole Scott (Mobile Geeks)



Jules Wang


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Google formally shares Android Lollipop release date

Nexus 6 delays anticipated for int'l markets

Google updates email for 2014 with Inbox for Gmail

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge gets a release date (but you probably still can't buy it)



iOS 8.1 first impressions

The new money: using Apple Pay in the real world

Are your jeans ruining your iPhone 6?



Microsoft acknowledges Lumia rebranding efforts

Microsoft might beat Apple with a smartwatch this year



Which Phone Should I Buy?


A segment about helping you with our most-asked listener question of all: which smartphone deserves your hard-earned cash? On today's installment: Justin Eades is stuck between the iPhone 6 Plus and the Galaxy Note 4; Dennis K. can't decide between the HTC E8 and the HTC Desire 820; and Suliman Saadi has an almost impossible list of demands – can we find the right smartphone for him?


Dial F for Fail



A segment from our top news wrangler about injustice, misdeeds, and general foolishness within the mobile industry. Today's topic: Beware the Rise of Half-Assed Virtual Reality


Listener Mail


E-mailed submissions from Marc, Josh, Imran Ahmad, and Alex



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