Pocketnow Weekly 111: IFA 2014 preview – Note 4, Xperia Z3, and holy smartwatches!

Fri Aug 29 2014 (02:02:45)

The Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin. You know it as "the ee-fa." Old-timers might still call it the Berlin Radio Show. Stephen Schenck for some reason refers to it only by its cumbersome designation "I-F-A." But however you refer to it, one of the world's biggest electronics trade shows is coming very soon. And it's bringing a lot of smartphone, tablet, and smartwatch news with it.

On today's show, we run down the most interesting of IFA rumors, from Samsung's mammoth Galaxy Note 4 to Sony's more ... Compact offerings. We'll also discuss what we're expecting from the likes of HTC and Microsoft, Huawei and ASUS, and about a billion other brands – and we'll kick everything off with a no-doubt contentious debate on the merits of all these smartwatches that just came out of the woodwork. Joining us on the show today is special guest Stefan Constantinescu of TabDump, who we're relying on for just the right amount of world-weary cynicism to keep our youthful enthusiasm in check.

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August 28, 2014



Michael Fisher

Stephen Schenck

Stefan Constantinescu (TabDump)



Jules Wang


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