Pocketnow Weekly 090: Windows Phone 8.1 Cortana, Galaxy S5 sales & more

Thu Apr 03 2014 (02:05:21)

Microsoft gets itself a striking new digital assistant, Nokia prepares sharp new smartphone hardware, Samsung and HTC kick off a new round of rasslin', and Pocketnow team members start an informal book club! It might be a scatterbrained itinerary, but at least it's action-packed – and that's just scratching the surface of this week's epic two-hour mobile technology podcast.

Join us as we debate the merits of Windows Phone 8.1 Cortana, the forthcoming Nokia Cyan update, and the Samsung ATIV SE before moving on to non-Build topics ranging from BoomSound to smartphone waterproofing ... not to mention some very thoughtful (if somewhat dense) listener mail! It's all there on episode 090 of the Pocketnow Weekly ... so mash those cans on, turn the volume up and rip the knob off: we're here to talk tech, and it's gonna get awesome.

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Pocketnow Weekly episode 090


Recording Date




Michael Fisher

Stephen Schenck

Taylor Martin

Adam Doud



Podcast Rundown


Windows (00:11:52)

Microsoft announces Windows Phone 8.1 at Build 2014

Cortana is a big win for Windows Phone

Nokia confirms Cyan update for summer

Nokia announces Lumia 930, 630, 635

Nokia Lumia 1820 rumors show Snapdragon 805, QHD display

Samsung ATIV SE rumors get specific


Android (00:59:53)

HTC One M8 review updated

HTC happily admits to "benchmarking optimization"

HTC One M8 sales seem to be off to a good start

Initial Galaxy S 5 sales solid, claims report


iOS (01:26:05)

The iPad Mini with Bluetooth keyboard is better than I imagined

Could you go tablet-only for a day?


Listener Mail (01:34:39)

Sam Ling wonders why Google Now can't have a little personality; Alex asks if there's really a future for mobile gaming; Charlie McKenna invites us to speculate on the prospects for future waterproof smartphones; and Julian Wang has a bone to pick with Taylor Martin (and everyone else criticizing the HTC One M8's camera).


The Pocketnow Weekly's transition music (the track used between its News and Feature segments on some episodes) is a track called "Radiation" from the talented Ali Spagnola.

You may recognize the tune as one of the preloaded ringtones from your Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, or Nexus 4 - but it's a real song, from a real album. You can download that album, along with many others, at Ali's website here, or visit her YouTube page here!

Thanks for listening!

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