Pocketnow Weekly 088: Moto 360, Android Wear, and hacking a path to Inbox Zero

Tue Mar 18 2014 (02:03:28)

Inbox Zero. It's become something of a myth in the Pocketnow Weekly recording studio ever since we started actively courting listener feedback all those months ago. Skip a listener-mail section here, another one there, and before you know it you've got a mountain of mail it'd take a whole episode to get through. So, just like we did back on episode 076, we're devoting an entire podcast to your missives. We'll hear from people concerned about dual-SIM stigma, people worried about the future of Apple, and people writing to remind us that the automated home isn't as new a concept as we might think. And that's just scratching the surface. Before that, we delve into the meat of the week's news: the new Android Wear platform – and in particular the Moto 360 watch that we're all dying to strap on. All that and more awaits on episode 088 of the Pocketnow Weekly ... so mash those cans on, turn the volume up and rip the knob off: we're here to talk mobile tech, and it's gonna get awesome. Send feedback, questions, and requests to podcast [AT] pocketnow [DOT] com. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus to stay apprised of the latest episodes. Tell your friends about the show so we don't have to do a telethon to stay on the air. Join our forums to offer topic suggestions and more. And thanks for listening! Pocketnow Weekly episode 088 Recording Date 03/18/2014 Hosts Michael Fisher Taylor Martin Stephen Schenck Jaime Rivera News Reviews of the week (00:01:28) Nokia Lumia 2520 Power Keyboard review (Video) Android Wear (00:03:10) Google releases Android Wear developer preview LG G Watch announced for next quarter Motorola Moto 360 watch announced for summer 2014 Moto 360 makes me regret my Pebble Steel order Misc news (00:21:20) LG's weird slap bracelet stylus pictured Exactly when will the HTC One be available for purchase? Listener Mail (00:26:30) James Tallon asks for our thoughts on smartwatch display technologies Imran Ahmad: is Apple the new BlackBerry? Eric L asks if the new Android Wear product family endangers (or even eliminates) Pebble Michael Neumann: Will Samsung drop Tizen for Android Wear if the platform succeeds? Chingiz Saidov: is Android Wear the future of home automation? Frank Reid, Jonathan Michael, and Vivek Sharma ask about the Blackphone and its relationship to privacy Jimmy Westerberg thanks us for his new writing career! Guilherme asks about dual-SIM phones … and sociology Gary Holly: is our long global mini-phone nightmare at an end ... or no? Jon Luck wonders: do Sony smartphone cameras still suck? Cooper Dahle: what's your favorite third-party UI/Android skin? Music The Pocketnow Weekly's transition music (the track used between its News and Feature segments) is a track called "Radiation" from the talented Ali Spagnola. You may recognize the tune as one of the preloaded ringtones from your Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, or Nexus 4 - but it's a real song, from a real album. You can download that album, along with many others, at Ali's website here, or visit her YouTube page here! • Thanks for listening! Tune in again next week!