Pocketnow Weekly Episode 014: The Nexus 4, iPad Mini, Microsoft Surface, and Ruminations on Styli

Thu Oct 18 2012 (01:20:07)

"Once we get a slow news week, we're gonna talk about this in-depth." That's been the go-to fallback phrase for the Pocketnow Weekly for the past few weeks, and as the holiday shopping season approaches, we doubt that's going to change anytime soon. On this installment of the densest podcast in mobile tech, we talk about the LG Optimus G and the Nexus 4, HTC's new Butterfly J, Apple's forthcoming iPad Mini, and the Microsoft Surface pre-orders and pricing. Plus, Brandon Miniman continues last week's riffing regarding pen-based input methods, and special guest Joe Levi the Android Guy, live-tweeter extraordinaire, wreaks his verbose vengeance on the hosts for failing to include him on last week's stylus discussion. We were a little pressed for time this morning, so unfortunately listener mail had to be pushed back to next week; our apologies!

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