Pocketnow Weekly Episode 003

Wed Jul 25 2012 (01:17:14)

It's week three of our newest podcast, and we haven't caused any riots, computer explosions, or divorces yet ... so we must be doing something right. This week, Michael, Brandon, and Anton discuss the finer points of Android Jelly Bean on tablets and phones, what Nokia's Lumia sales numbers mean for the company, whether our world is ready for yet another SIM standard, and what platform they'd use if they were forced to choose a non-top-three OS. Also on the docket: some behind-the-scenes ruminations on what drives Pocketnow, thoughts on video podcasts, and why Michael's always being accused of looking high in his review videos.

As always, your input is valued: shoot Pocketnow Weekly-related questions and comments to podcast@pocketnow.com.