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Episode 162: Anson Goode Jr. - Don't Always "Yes And"

Ep. 162

Filmmaker, rapper "Wes G Poet", and video game designer, Anson Goode Jr. joins me on Uncontained this week. Join our conversation as we talk about his production company Black Rose and the videos you can check out on his YouTube channel. Anson also talks about attending the GDC (Game Developers Conference) in San Francisco the week before we recorded this episode, and debuts the title of the game he is currently working on. That's right an Uncontained exclusive! Anson admits to breaking golden rule of improve that's right he doesn't always "Yes And" you will have to listen to find out why he would do such a thing. Plug in your earbuds, this is how Anson Goode Jr. Lives Uncontained!











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