Episode 068: Daryl Kamack - Maximize The Funny

Tue May 30 2017 (01:10:36)

Comedian Daryl Kamack stops by and talks to Uncontained. If you haven’t heard of him consider this your introduction because I am sure you will be hearing more and more about him. Daryl started doing stand-up comedy less than a year ago and is already getting booked in venues like the main room at the World-Famous Comedy Store in L.A. performing with some of the biggest names in comedy. He’s even been invited to audition for a role in a sitcom as well as a game show host. If you are listening to this episode of Uncontained on the day it airs, Tuesday, May 30th, Daryl has a big show at the World-Famous Comedy Store with Margret Cho, Iliza Shlesinger and Ant at 7:30 pm. If you are in the L.A. area you don’t want to miss this show! https://twitter.com/dwkamack https://www.facebook.com/dwkamack