Episode 057: Keith D'soüza - WasTED Talks

Tue Mar 14 2017 (44:31)

This week on Uncontained I talk to San Francisco based Comedian, Keith D'souza. You may have seen him drunk on the streets, at SF Sketchfest, finishing leftover drinks at your local dive bar, on Viceland, and other places. He is the founder of wasTED Talks (think drunk TED Talks), the co-creator of the Dr. Fart comic book, and host of the podcast Road Rage with Keith D. His raucous style of "punk rock comedy" has won the hearts and drinks of many audience members. You can follow him on Twitter/Snapchat/Instagram @RealKeithDirty. He has been quoted as “fuckin' hilarious" by Doug Stanhope in episode 41 of the Doug Stanhope Podcast. Now Keith makes his appearance on Uncontained to talk about life and how he Lives Uncontained. https://www.facebook.com/keithd33