Episode 039: Trez Mala - I'm An Against The Grain Type Of Guy

Tue Nov 08 2016 (01:02:28)

Episode039: Trez Mala - I'm An Against The Grain Type Of Guy Trez Mala describes himself as a “casually hilarious” comic based out of Las Vegas, NV. Over the years he developed the perspective that people take life too seriously and that there isn’t enough laughing going on in this world, so he set out to “find the funny” and bring it to as many people as possible. Trez got his start doing Improv in Las Vegas and studied under the Las Vegas Second City Improv Program. After being part of multiple improv troupes, Trez decided to take the next step in comedic performance and transition into stand-up. Trez describes his comedy as “a collection of life stories, a jambalaya of sketch comedy, improv…with a hint multiple personality disorder.” When Trez is not traveling and performing stand-up, he co-hosts a professional wrestling podcast called Los Rudos. You can check out Los Rudos at www.losrudospod.com. Trez’s motto is “Let’s get the energy rolling and FIRE IT UP!” – So let’s fire it up and find out how Trez lives Uncontained. https://www.facebook.com/trezmala www.losrudospod.com