Episode 027: Kevin Patrick - The Lost Episode

Tue Aug 16 2016 (44:39)

I am dubbing Episode 27 “The Lost Episode” featuring San Francisco based musician, Kevin Patrick. This episode was recorded back in January before launching Uncontained, so the format of this episode does not 100% follow the format you’ve come to know and love—and it is proof that we are capable of evolving and becoming better at our passions with experience. Kevin and I talk about his solo project, Field Medic. He is also in the band Rin Tin Tiger and has his own label called Sun Room Recordz & Salon. Our conversation ranges from what inspires his music to how he started his label, and what he means by salon. We even talk about how he accidentally got caught up in a scam while in Los Angeles. Enjoy this throwback episode of Uncontained with Kevin Patrick! You can get more info on Kevin and his bands via the links below. Follow the band camp links to hear more tracks from Field Medic. #LiveUncontained https://www.facebook.com/kevnsullivan https://www.facebook.com/fieldmedicmusic/ http://www.fieldmedic.bandcamp.com/ https://sunroomrecordzandsalon.bandcamp.com/ Twitter and Instagram @_fieldmedic