Episode 012: Mike Lucas - The Comedian Coalition

Tue May 03 2016 (41:36)

Episode 012: Mike Lucas - The Comedian Coalition Join the conversation with comedian Mike Lucas. We talk about the growing comedy scene in Eastern Iowa. Mike shares how he runs open mics, crafting the line-up so the audience doesn't feel like they are wasting their time. Mike also introduced me to the website www.badslava.com where you can find an open mic where ever you happen to be. Mike formed "The Comedian Coalition" with 5 other comics who do shows together. Mike explains how having the group makes it easier to get booked for feature spots. He explains that having a six man show helps insure that the crowd will have a more entertaining show, than comedians trying to do an Hour set when they do not have the material for a full hour. Get a hold of Mike on Twitter @lucasentric and on facebook. The links to both his Facebook page and The Comedian Coalition pages are located at the bottom of the notes. Thank you for listening and as always.... Live Uncontained. Mike Lucas Facebook https://www.facebook.com/mlucas3?fref=ts The Comedian Coalition Facebook https://www.facebook.com/The-Comedian-Coalition-483216638435632/ Badsalva http://www.badslava.com/