Episode 006: Cody Woods - I'v Done Science on This

Tue Mar 22 2016 (52:02)

Cody is one of the first interviews I did for Uncontained. I sat down to talk with him before a show he headlined at Tommy T's in Pleasanton, CA, but there was too much background noise on the recording and the interview was cut short when the show had to start. That night happened to be a tough crowd; something that every entertainer will face from time to time. We talked a few days after the show and recorded the interview you are about to hear. We discuss how he deals with tough crowds and bombing, where he gets his material from, and tips he picked up from Jerry Seinfeld on engaging a large audiences. Check Cody out at www.codywoods.net and on his podcast, "The Filth Cake Show" with new episodes every Thursday on Stitcher and iTunes.