Episode 106: Jack Meggers - Fellowship of the Film

Tue Feb 20 2018 (47:36)

Filmmaker/Director Jack Meggers​ is on Uncontained​. Jack got his feet wet on stage doing theater in New York City. Eventually while in NYC, Jack's passion turned towards film and cinema. This inspired him to move west to LA and learn the film industry form the inside out gaining valuable hands-on experience in Hollywood.

Recently Jack moved back to his home state of Iowa to start working on a full-length feature film titled "The Burial". Since Jack has been back in Iowa, he has been awarded a Fellowship of the Arts from the State of Iowa, becoming the first filmmaker to be awarded this honor.

Jack and I talk about his upcoming short film "Undertow" and the feature film he is working on, "The Burial". Jack explains what the Iowa State Fellowship of the Arts means to him. Jack shares some great advice for up and coming filmmakers. This is how Jack Meggers Lives Uncontained.