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Church Planting Discussion - Part 1

Season 3, Ep. 17

Travis Roberts, Lead Pastor and planter with The District Church in Wichita, Kansas joins us for part one of our Church Planting Discussion series. We talk about calling, evangelism and ultimately knowing the Lord.

The District Church

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The Overlooked

Season 3, Ep. 14

Matt Thomas of Firm Foundations joins us to share his story from addition and violence to life and freedom in Christ! He wrote a book about his story called The Overlooked and is available on

His bio from If a person could be described in one word, Matt’s word would be PASSION. Matt’s life path has been both winding and bumpy – born in Oregon, sent to boarding school in Washington, joined the Navy in California, attended college in Indiana, and went to prison in Arizona – but has been on fire for God’s kingdom since coming to Kansas in 2011. He has battled the demons of addiction and abuse, and knows the hurt and devastation this kind of sin can cause.


Matt Works at Brothers In Blue Reentry in Lansing Correctional Facility and his true passion is evangelizing and spreading the good news about Jesus Christ – specifically to people that society tends to neglect. He stubbornly counts himself a Raiders fan, and is a huge fan of good barbecue.


As the Executive Director of Firm Foundations, Matt provides the vision and direction for the organization, creates ministry partnerships, conducts

interviews, preaches and leads Bible studies, and oversees the mentoring process. He is the passion and driving force of our program, as he has responded to God’s clear direction for his life.

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