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Latest Episode2019-2-8

Read for Good - the organisation bringing reading fun into schools and hospitals

An organisation every Children's author and budding Children's author should know doubt.

Ambassador for Read for Good -  Debbie Young, talks with me about the charity, its aims and impression on children.  Their role is to provide books for children in schools and hospitals of all descriptions to encourage the joy of reading.

From Readathon to Storytellers – Read for Good wants to expand children’s reading, helping parents and carers to give example for children and sponsor their reading.

At their website: there is a treasure chest of ideas, musings and inspiration from some of the people who experience Read for Good:  from schools running Readathon, to children in hospital discovering books and storytellers.

Interested in becoming an Children's Author and need some pointers, mentoring and a publishing deal. Give me a call: Ladey Adey 01400 231745 and lets make this dream come true.


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