#53: Question That Answer, or: What We Think A Good Realtor Does

Fri Sep 28 2018 (15:29)

Our San Francisco Real Estate podcast turns to title insurance and escrow this week, and to try and make a relatively dry topic a bit more interesting, we decide to do what we do every day for our clients - question that answer! But first, Matt looks in the mirror after a bad podcast performance and a quick review of our stats reveals how very popular game shows are.

[00:54] With the Jargon Jeopardy episode being one of our most popular episodes, and us not wanting to get a letter from anyone's attorney for using a trademarked term, Matt was inspired to come up with a new name for our most popular game show that's a lot like that one with Alex. Question That Answer seemed like a great description because, as we chat about, it is how we help our clients.

[02:35] We also believe it is not only important to get answers, it is also important to understand them. This is where Britton's experience as a high-school teacher (or is it her past life as a private investigator?) comes very useful!

[04:07] Introducing our next topic of escrow and title insurance with the Inaugural round of Question That Answer. Some Questions we cover are: Title Insurance, Title Insurance Companies, Escrow. As a side note - how Escrow is handled in California may vary from your state, and this show is for entertainment purposes!

[08:32] So, how many title insurance policies do we need? Do you have to have it if you are paying cash? What if we’re paying cash and don’t want a title insurance policy? What about if we are not using cash and are getting a loan from a bank instead?

[10:23] Britton explains the difference between the lenders policy and the owner’s policy of title insurance. We’ve been talking about defects, liens, encumbrance and easements but what do these all mean and what are some examples? Britton shares the story of a San Francisco story (perhaps a true story) about a Glen Park home with a major easement for a utility company....

Thank you for joining us for part 1 of this episode. We hope you enjoyed tuning in and don’t forget to join us again next week for part 2!