The Seth Horan Podcast - Episode 4 - PETTERI SARIOLA (Part 1)

Tue Aug 08 2017 (21:02)

My guest is Finland's own Petteri Sariola: a jaw-dropping virtuoso in solo finger style guitar... and a gifted, bilingual singer/songwriter.  His new album, Resolution, is about to be released, and I caught up with him via Skype for a wide-ranging, very enlightening, and very entertaining conversation. We also listen to a few of his new tunes.To gain access to Part 2 of this and all my other podcasts, as well as all the new music I release, please support me through Patreon: -- A $1 pledge comes out to roughly eight to ten dollars per year, so for the price of two lattes, you'll never miss anything I do.  Check it out!