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Limiting Beliefs & Subconscious Programming

Season 1, Ep. 7

Today I'm excited to talk about limiting beliefs from both the conscious and subconscious point of view. Because it's so important to me that you practice identifying your limiting beliefs, I created a free worksheet for you HERE. Identifying limiting beliefs is incredibly empowering and this is a great tool to equip you to finding yours.

When we identify and eliminate beliefs holding us back we start to remove the layers covering our authentic selves, we stop sabotaging, people pleasing, living out of alignment to our true needs.

We get to step into our true selves.

I hope your journaling helps you identify your limiting beliefs and rewires your mind for better alignment with your authenticity! If you need more help you can schedule a free call with me on my website HERE.

RTT is great for reprogramming your subconscious mind for confidence, releasing fears, self-sabotage, releasing anxiety, guilt, shame and other physical or emotional symptoms.

I believe eliminating limiting beliefs are the gateway to living your authentic, higher version of your self and reaching all your goals, so you can live in alignment with what makes you happy.