Acting Successfully with Michelle Dyer

Everything about your career except how to sing, dance, and act.

Hear me chat with friends and interview experts on everything about your career, other than how to sing, dance, and act. Basically, I want to share everything I wish I would have known starting out in Musical Theatre. Se... More

#11 - Finances for Actors - An Interview with Clayton Howe

(Performer & Host of Entertainment x Podcast)

#10 - Thinking of changing careers? (My story)

This episode is only for those of you who have been in acting for a little while - for those of you just starting out - thanks for listening, but I'll talk to you next time. :) Now that it's just us - I wanted to share with you my story on...

#9 - My Money Rant

I might be listening to a little too much Gary Vaynerchuk lately, because I started ranting (speaking passionately) about why I think we should all talk about money and finances. It’s fun to talk about your interests or the things in which you’re...

#8 - SETC's - Auditions and More - an interview with Marci Duncan

I knew SETC’s (Southeastern Theatre Conference) as a great audition opportunity for college students, but I learned they have opportunities for actors at all stages of their career. Check out my conversation with Marci Duncan, the audition committee...

#7 - Actor Websites - An Interview with Tom Lapke from Two Cats Web Design

Actor Websites – An Interview with Tom Lapke – Two Cats Web Design Tom Lapke – Actors Launchpad partnered with Reel Arc: Programs classes, workshops, and social events linking up actors with agents, managers, CDs, industry professionals to...

#6 - What you should be doing in September

NYC Temp Agencies Kelly Services – Call (212) 949-5313 Career Group - Send your business resume to Atrium Staffing (212) 292-0550 Green Key Resources - RJL Resources Beacon Hill...

#5 - What happened to Survival Jobs for Actors?

The conversation has now grown bigger than just Survival Jobs. So join me on my Podcast, Acting Successfully with Michelle Dyer, and let's connect on Social! I'm @MichelleDyerLaT on