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BFS 134 - Tom Hunt | Bootstrapping your Startup

BFS 134 - Tom Hunt


Tom is the Founder of Virtual Valley, a platform that connects Entrepreneurs and Rockstar Virtual Assistants with the mission of giving Entrepreneurs back 1 million hours of their time by 2018. Tom spends MOST of his time helping people like you grow their virtual business on the Virtual Valley Blog and gives free 1 on 1 marketing advice to EVERYONE that signs up here.


Learn what content strategy is hot right now


Hear what podcast Tom is trying to emulate and why


Tom will take you on a journey of how he went from studying chemistry to being an entrepreneur


Discover how one sale helped Tom launch his online marketing business


Get the inside scoop how Tom scaled one business that led to building another business


Tom compares his service to Upwork and Fiverr and explains their differentiating factors


Hint: The answer is in this Blog Post!


What would you do if you had an extra 24 hours in a day?


Receive valuable insight on what 4 tasks small business owners can outsource


Learn the major obstacle to outsourcing and what you can do to overcome it


Tom explains how you can harness your time to propel you forward



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BFS 132 - Amanda Boleyn, She Did It Her Way

BFS 132:  Amanda Boylen, She Did it Her Way


Founder, Entrepreneur, Fellow Podcaster


Amanda discusses her launch of She Did It Her Way podcast and now her new challenge is to grow her podcast and ultimately a community



Here’s what you will learn on this episode:


  • Fortune as one of the Top 100 podcasts for entrepreneurs
  • Amanda’s story of starting out in Corporate and her quick exit out of it
  • The 3 phases that Amanda assessed in her “Boss Free” journey
  • The Value of mentorship
  • How to make the decision to quit your job
  • Find out the strategy that Amanda used to figure out her “boss free” process
  • Amanda’s strategies for finding the right course of action as she went on her own
  • How to deal with the “inner critic”
  • What entrepreneurship has awarded Amanda - the lessons learned over time
  • Amanda’s consulting work and her tips for how to leverage this model
  • How to network to find consulting gigs - (this is good!)
  • The secrets Amanda shares to keep her head in the game 
  • We talk “flow states” and how to find increased productivity
  • We even throw in a business idea that would serve female entrepreneurs (you’re welcome!)
  • Amanda’s tip for finances in your business





Profit First - Michael Michalowicz

Surge - Michael Michalowicz

The One Things

Procrastinate on Purpose

Be so good they can’t ignore you




Chad Carden

Adam Carroll

Chandler Bolt 






BFS 131 - Mary Cravets - How to Grow your business

Mary Cravets - with more than a decade of entrepreneur credit, she delivers practical topics and and plus the clarity to help entrepreneurs to grow their business, the right way!

Mary is a Business Growth strategist, Business Coach and Speaker.  She helps business owners double their business and find more balance.  She teaches her clients the same systems that

Find out Mary’s entrepreneurial journey from Silicon Valley Corporate to realtor to business strategist.

Discover the entrepreneurial mindset that Mary has learned, her tips for success

Find out about Mary’s health setback and how she overcame her obstacles

Evaluating and simplifying her business, she focused on only the things that were working

How to really cut to core of what is required in business and everything else can be cut

Learn Mary’s essentials in business what has allowed her to multiply her business tiyear over year, every year (pretty incredible!)

Learn the factors that will help your business focus, vs. giving in to distraction

How to deal with perfectionism

How to focus on what people are looking for (client focused)

Learn about Mary’s smart strategies for time management in business


Discover Mary’s strategies for business success, these are the skills that are onot transferable from what you may have had in place when you were in corporate.


What a great show to understand how to grow your business, the right way..


For more information on how to connect with Mary Cravets, Business Growth Strategist, make sure to check out the links below 


Mary Cravets on Linkedin:





Tim Wambach

130 - Tim Wambach’s Journey of 1000 miles


Today’s episode is about Tim’s journey of 1000 miles (literally) for his non-for-profit organization: Keep on Keeping on Foundation

  • Find out how Tim worked with Tony Robbins’ running coach to be his guide on this 1000 mile run
  • Learn
  • Find out Tim’s goal of 30 miles per day for 40 days
  • Discover how Tim’s setbacks with his running journey helped him in his outlook in life
  • Find out the mental game that Tim’s mindset about having to run 30 miles per day
  • Hear how Tim planned his day so that he set himself up for success everyday
  • Find out how Tim leveraged technology for his run that helped him to keep his head in the game
  • Learn Tim’s mantra that he used every single day
  • Hear the three things that Tim learned as a result of running his 1,000 miles
  • Find out what a goal killer is, watch out for this one
  • Find out the sayings that helped Tim and are now some key sayings that have so much impact on his life (bet you will benefit from these wise words)

Congrats on your amazing accomplishment Tim, you are one of a kind.  Much respect.


Patty also gives a quick update on her work with Create Buzz, her consultancy business with partner Pamela Herrmann.


For more about Create Buzz, Mile High Mastermind Event




Connect with Tim’s Non for Profit on Facebook


Tim’s Keep on Keeping on Foundation