BFS 135 - Tyler Tashiro | When Ambition Meets Purpose

Wed May 03 2017 (38:42)

135 - Tyler Tashiro

Podcaster / Internet Info-Marketer / Visionary


When Passion meets Purpose


Tyler shares so much in this episode:


  • What’s flawed with the education system
  • The gamification of business and why now it’s so critical
  • Discover his secrets for how to take action behind information you might be consuming
  • Why people are not getting further ahead in their entrepreneurial career
  • His formula for action taking
  • His journey in education and how he got his start as an entrepreneur
  • Confronting the “ghosts” of the past and what it’s meant for his journey
  • How Tyler vets business opportunities and projects
  • As a podcaster, what Tyler has learned about interviewing better
  • The one question that Tyler asks himself continuously
  • Books Tyler recommends

“Results don’t reflect what you know, they reflect what you do”  - Tyler Tashiro

Tyler is very much an advocate for entrepreneurs and having mentorship in order to increase your probability of success.


Tyler shares his tips for finding mentors, what it looks like and how to make the most of it.  This is one of the best talks about mentorship.