BFS 134 - Tom Hunt | Bootstrapping your Startup

Wed Apr 26 2017 (29:50)

BFS 134 - Tom Hunt


Tom is the Founder of Virtual Valley, a platform that connects Entrepreneurs and Rockstar Virtual Assistants with the mission of giving Entrepreneurs back 1 million hours of their time by 2018. Tom spends MOST of his time helping people like you grow their virtual business on the Virtual Valley Blog and gives free 1 on 1 marketing advice to EVERYONE that signs up here.


Learn what content strategy is hot right now


Hear what podcast Tom is trying to emulate and why


Tom will take you on a journey of how he went from studying chemistry to being an entrepreneur


Discover how one sale helped Tom launch his online marketing business


Get the inside scoop how Tom scaled one business that led to building another business


Tom compares his service to Upwork and Fiverr and explains their differentiating factors


Hint: The answer is in this Blog Post!


What would you do if you had an extra 24 hours in a day?


Receive valuable insight on what 4 tasks small business owners can outsource


Learn the major obstacle to outsourcing and what you can do to overcome it


Tom explains how you can harness your time to propel you forward



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