BFS 132 - Amanda Boleyn, She Did It Her Way

Wed Nov 30 2016 (34:47)

BFS 132:  Amanda Boylen, She Did it Her Way


Founder, Entrepreneur, Fellow Podcaster


Amanda discusses her launch of She Did It Her Way podcast and now her new challenge is to grow her podcast and ultimately a community



Here’s what you will learn on this episode:


  • Fortune as one of the Top 100 podcasts for entrepreneurs
  • Amanda’s story of starting out in Corporate and her quick exit out of it
  • The 3 phases that Amanda assessed in her “Boss Free” journey
  • The Value of mentorship
  • How to make the decision to quit your job
  • Find out the strategy that Amanda used to figure out her “boss free” process
  • Amanda’s strategies for finding the right course of action as she went on her own
  • How to deal with the “inner critic”
  • What entrepreneurship has awarded Amanda - the lessons learned over time
  • Amanda’s consulting work and her tips for how to leverage this model
  • How to network to find consulting gigs - (this is good!)
  • The secrets Amanda shares to keep her head in the game 
  • We talk “flow states” and how to find increased productivity
  • We even throw in a business idea that would serve female entrepreneurs (you’re welcome!)
  • Amanda’s tip for finances in your business





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