Tim Wambach

Wed Nov 09 2016 (27:48)

130 - Tim Wambach’s Journey of 1000 miles


Today’s episode is about Tim’s journey of 1000 miles (literally) for his non-for-profit organization: Keep on Keeping on Foundation

  • Find out how Tim worked with Tony Robbins’ running coach to be his guide on this 1000 mile run
  • Learn
  • Find out Tim’s goal of 30 miles per day for 40 days
  • Discover how Tim’s setbacks with his running journey helped him in his outlook in life
  • Find out the mental game that Tim’s mindset about having to run 30 miles per day
  • Hear how Tim planned his day so that he set himself up for success everyday
  • Find out how Tim leveraged technology for his run that helped him to keep his head in the game
  • Learn Tim’s mantra that he used every single day
  • Hear the three things that Tim learned as a result of running his 1,000 miles
  • Find out what a goal killer is, watch out for this one
  • Find out the sayings that helped Tim and are now some key sayings that have so much impact on his life (bet you will benefit from these wise words)

Congrats on your amazing accomplishment Tim, you are one of a kind.  Much respect.


Patty also gives a quick update on her work with Create Buzz, her consultancy business with partner Pamela Herrmann.


For more about Create Buzz, Mile High Mastermind Event




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