BFS 128: Bonnie Fahy | Outsourcing Dirty Little Secrets

Wed Mar 16 2016 (30:18)



Today’s guest is Bonnie Fahy. Bonnie is the creator of Source it!, which was just featured in Forbes as the “world’s premiere education in online hiring and outsourcing for entrepreneurs”. Bonnie started outsourcing 5 years and developed a system that enabled her to resell her work to multimillion dollar companies and consult with some of the top names in the internet marketing industry.


She now helps people get out of overwhelm and get super high quality work - including graphic design, video editing and virtual assistants – for a fraction of the cost. Bonnie believes firmly that outsourcing is the key to getting your time back, focusing on the parts of your business that you love and leading the most fulfilling life possible.


In this episode:


  • How a balloon artist can use internet marketing
  • How a trip to Las Vegas and seeing marketers spend oodles of money on bottle service helped inspire Bonnie
  • What is hybrid-marketing
  • Why trial and error could be the best medicine
  • Getting bruises the “wrong way” can benefit you in the long run
  • Paralysis by analysis will get you nowhere
  • Why finding the right mentor is crucial to your growth as an entrepreneur
  • Learn the power of outsourcing
  • Hear the story of a 55-year old teacher and admitted techno-phobe built her business in 6 months.
  • Learn how to double your revenue by letting go of one habit
  • Why mindset can 5x your business growth
  • Why companies run out of money and how that can stop
  • Learn what to outsource first
  • What an “A” player looks like and how you can hire them
  • Miscommunications can end business and cost you a ton of money
  • What does “outsource your outsourcing”, mean?
  • Hear the common theme entrepreneurs let slip through the cracks when outsourcing


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