BFS 127: Motivation Monday | Why Giving First is the Secret to Success

Mon Mar 14 2016 (04:25)

The importance of Giving First 

Give First and stop making it about yourself. If you seek to help people with solutions you can provide 

The law of reciprocity will come anyway.  What can you do to give first. 

We talk about an example with Dr. Christine Kaczmar

She gives great information and is very giving with all her content offering people help with her counsel. 

As a result, she's created an incredible tribe of followers who love her and buy from her. In fact her reach has gone global, she's built it all online with the power of social media. 

She's created a name for herself as a health professional who goes above and beyond. 

You can find her Facebook group:  Healthy Surrender here 

So ask yourself, how can you give to others with what you know? 

Looking forward to hearing more about how you give back with what you know.