BFS 120 : Richard Boureston | How To Set Yourself Apart From The Competition

Wed Feb 17 2016 (31:03)

Richard Boureston is founder of Red Fox Associates…


Copywriting and marketing expert, Richard has helped internet marketers launch their new sales funnels.  


author of the book:  “How to Sell Without Selling”


Richard is well known for his 115 Proven Advertising Secrets Card Deck which is a cliff notes creation - where Richard took hundreds of hundreds of highlighted passages from Copywriting expert books he’s read, compiled easily into a handy card deck


Richard is also proud husband and father to 7 (yes 7!!)  children, living in Tennessee


In this episode:


  • Why saying “Hi. Tell me about your business.” can be so powerful
  • Why so many people don’t follow-up and why you should
  • You never know your leads situation when you connect
  • Learn the key ingredients of “How to follow-up”
  • The best way to connect with someone at an event
  • Why you shouldn’t add everyone you meet at a conference to your list
  • How a ninja trick works for Facebook Advertising
  • Learn what a pixel is and how it can help you
  • What you need to incorporate into your marketing
  • Find out the psychological process to take your client on
  • Why you have to know your numbers



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