BFS 119 - Motivation Monday | The Power of Relationships in Business

Mon Feb 15 2016 (03:49)

Motivation Monday - we're talking about Relationships are what moves business ahead. 

In our case, our podcast has had a huge impact on our business and what's transpired. 

Roberto Candelaria talks about it in his book: 

Relationships Raise Money

Patty joined Roberto's Mastermind as a result of a relationship with AJ Amyx 

Patty met some folks at a conference, one of which is Simon Smart. 

Simon Smart is the Lead Coach at Warrior Protocol

and now coaches Tim Wambach and Patty's husband. 

Another example is our opportunity to meet with Chip Franks from JoeVolunteer and he attending Tony Robbins as a result of an episode we did talking about Unleash the Power Within. 

As a result, we've formed a great friendship with the amazing Chip Franks!

Relationships are very powerful as a way to grow your network, expand your horizons that have a ripple effect way beyond we even know is coming. 

So fun!