BFS 118: David J.P. Fisher | How to Not Suck at Networking

Wed Feb 10 2016 (32:53)

118 : David J.P. Fisher  (aka D-Fish)


How to Not Suck at Networking

David J.P. Fisher lives in Evanston, Illinois, next to a beautiful cemetery which reminds him every morning of how precious life is.  He is a speaker, coach, salesman, writer, meditator, marketer, musician, son, friend, brother, slam poet, clairvoyant, comedian, salsa dancer, lover of life, teller of bad jokes, yoga enthusiast, and about average cook.

In This Episode:


  • Hear an actual slam poet in action
  • Why you should embrace being tested
  • Find out how creativity plays a role in entrepreneurship
  • How to take nothing and turn it into something
  • Find out what the “bleep” is networking
  • Why we need to be intentional about our relationships
  • Hear a great example of where people fall short in networking
  • Why networking is not a short-term game
  • Understand why the human brain is not wired for networking
  • Why it is hard to create a one-size fits all process
  • How you can provide value at events
  • Learn the personal development habits for any entrepreneur
  • Why meditating is so powerful
  • Why gamifying your goals can lead to success
  • Why Success is not sexy
  • Find out who your boss is when you are boss free




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David JP Fisher’s Author Page on Amazon (check out his books!)


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